Herbal Consultations


A consultation is time devoted to discussing any health issues you may have, acute and chronic, to find out how herbal therapy can help bring your body back to health.


Health issues which can be addressed with herbs include:


-Trouble falling or staying asleep

-Digestive woes of all kinds, food allergies

-Anxiety and depression

-Menstrual, menopausal, and other reproductive issues

-Nerve pain

-General aches and pains, arthritis

-Auto-immune issues, fibromyalgia



-Cold and flu, immune support

-Lyme's disease

-Surgical recovery


-Respiratory issues, asthma


The intake includes a health history, any diagnoses you may have, current medications, diet and lifestyle, looking at your tongue and taking your pulse. We will come up with a do-able plan for you to use herbs to address not only your symptoms but the underlying balance that fosters good health and recovery from injury or disharmony.


Ginny Lane has been working seriously with herbs for six years and has undergone four focused herbal trainings including two years at the Red Root School of Botanical Medicine in Madison, WI and the three year clinical herbalist training at Sacred Plant Traditions in Charlottesville. She is currently a staff herbalist at The Elderberry in Charlottesville.


Please note: Herbalists do not "diagnose" any condition, "treat" or "prescribe" medication. An herbalist can work with your doctor's diagnosis and support healing.


Herbs are not drugs. Herbs can give your body what it needs to heal itself.


Also a graduate of TIBIA Massage School, Madison WI, Ginny has been practicing massage since 2010, focusing on Myofascial Release in the John Barns Method.


You may contact Ginny directly at dianevirginia@gmail.com, or 414-617-5216. Or you may schedule a session now using the Schedule Now button at the top of this page.