About Us

Experience matters! We make it our business to thoroughly understand your condition and create a plan that produces results. We have been operating Rivanna Therapeutic Bodywork since 2012, after working together for more than six years at Wintergreen Resort and Farmington Country Club. Both of us continue our education at every opportunity. Fran has more than 20 years of experience, and Dawn has more than 15 years of experience. We make a great team!


We also own Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center in McIntire Plaza. Note: Fran Vicente is now only taking appointments at www.RivannaRecovery.com

Francis Vicente, Owner


A graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy, Fran has been practicing since 2000.  As a lifetime soccer player, his special interest is in Sports & Injury Massage and Structural Integration. In his spare time you will find Fran in the garden.


Dawn Woodring, Owner


A graduate of the Center for Massage and Natural Health in North Carolina, Dawn has been practicing since 2005. Her special interest is in Abdominal Therapy and Bodywork for Birth. Dawn enjoys studying the healing properties of herbs and essential oils.


When we married in 1995, Fran was a chef and Dawn was an editor. Our journey together took us to Asheville, NC, where we gave birth to our daughter Esperanza in 1999. At this time Fran decided to become a massage therapist so that his work would be more flexible, meaningful, and allow him to spend more time with Esperanza. He worked for several years at the Hotel Hershey and the Grove Park Inn. When Esperanza started preschool, Dawn also decided to become a massage therapist after observing how much Fran enjoyed helping people.